Our Mission




Whether it’s an assessment of your entire business, or merely an examination of your marketing strategy, Burjon Marketing is here to provide vision for where you are going.  We interview your principle actors to develop an understanding of where you have been and where you want to go.  Then we work backwards to create a plan of action that will give you a step by step map that will help you and your staff get there.




While many marketing and strategy consultants can provide their analysis, Burjon works to make your vision for the future a reality.  Our team of employees and vendors can help you rapidly research, prototype, and execute marketing and management activities.  Because of our broad range of service offerings, in many cases we can be the single point of contact to execute most or even all of your marketing outreach.




Marketing, more than nearly every other part of the business process is based upon iteration.  Beyond vision and execution, iteration is an essential part of Burjon’s offering.  Sometimes strategy needs to  be changed, while other times activities simply need to be directed at new market segments.   Whatever the case may be, marketing is not a set it and forget it activity.  We manage the ongoing improvement of your outreach actives.