Crafting a strong brand is an investment that can provide returns for the life of your business!  Your brand is not simply your logo and color scheme.  Rather, your brand is the perception by consumers, clients, the general public, and even your employees, of how well your company serves it purpose.


Crafting a strong can start with a logo, but much more important is the positioning and identity craft around it.  Does you brand offer exceptional customer service?  Does it constantly strive to increase value?  Is it the lowest cost solution?  How will you compare to your competition?  These are all important questions that will help guide your brand.


In the modern market, when consumers are overwhelmed by both tradition and new media, we believe that events provide unparalleled branding opportunity. It allows your company to break through the noise and create strong person to person relationships with your potential clients.


CREATE A Lasting Impression

DESIGN Services

We offer a full range of design services.  Of course, this includes creating or updating logos, but more importantly it also includes Print Design, Packaging and Label Design, Apparel, as well as Banners and Signage.

Positioning & Identity

How do we compare to the competition?  Are we trying to serve the general public, or a segment of the market?  How are we different? When originating a brand, we have the opportunity to dig deeper and truly examine positioning and identity.

Events & Strategy

Burjon has created dozens of events, both large and small, that help focus consumers attention and recognition.  In today’s media environment, events are a great way to break through the noise and foster long term recognition.