Public Relations

Getting your message out to the Public has always been a challenge.  With the growth of the internet over the past few decades, the job has become both much easier and much more difficult.  It’s much easier, using social media, to get the word out, though perhaps to a more limited audience. It’s much harder to reach the entire cross section of the public as many consumers only interact with certain segments of the media.


Our process takes into account the limited resources of most small businesses and facilitates a ranking of all the available outlets. We then combine these rankings with subjective understanding of the target consumer to craft a PR strategy that reaches our desired target market.

The Word

Media Outreach

While their are many more avenues for Public Relations in todays crowded media environment, the traditional methods of outreach to TV, Radio, and other broadcasters is an important part of any outreach.

Influencer Relations

Beyond traditional media outlets, social media offers individuals with large social followings, also known as Influencers, the opportunity to spread your companies message or even evangelize for your brand.

Cause Marketing

Cause marketing has become an exceptionally effective way to align your brand with charitable causes and leverage that cause’s existing network to spread your message.  A well crafted campaign can benefit both your company and the cause.